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"The Buccaneers' Bay"

In May, 2003, it was announced that the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino would be remodeling their frontage property on the Las Vegas Strip. These new plans would do away with the Buccanneer Bay, along with the sights, sounds and decorations, and the two ships representing good and evil: respectively, The H.M.S. Britannia and The Hispaniola; the two ships that at this time, still do nightly battles within the confines of the Buccanneer's Bay, for the delight of the passerbys and onlookers crowded and gathered each evening for one of the nightly shows, and the opening fusilade of the H.M.S. Britannia against the pirate's ship, the Hispaniola. The show has run since the opening of Treasure Island.

According to press releases, The Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, wants to upgrade their property to a more adult theme, opining that the current theme of pirates and 'such' was geared originally to a family oriented marketing strategy, and no longer suits their current marketing plans.

The current theme will be gone, according to press statements, within the next two years to three years; The H.M.S. Britannia and The Hispaniola yet to fight their last battle. I have seen the show several times over the years, and I guess I am just too much still a kid; I always enjoyed the display and have included several of the scenes of both ships and The Buccaneer's Bay within this site.

During the course of the day, there are no shows, and both ships are docked within their own mooring space. During these times, visitors can stroll languidly through the Buccaneer's Bay without fear of cannonade or pirates, and visit the shops and enterprises located within the Bay. Another era coming to a close in Las Vegas. I am sure Lonnie Hammegrin is already preparing a mooring in his yard for one of the ships!

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