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Given the increasing use of the electronic world for everything from communications to shopping, controlling and protecting individual information has become a major concern to all internet users. At The Right Image Photography I believe protecting my visitor's privacy is of utmost concern. I promise to guard our visitor's privacy to the greatest degree possible.

mickeycox.com's Privacy Policy:

Any and all e-mail addresses collected thru my mailing list, remain the sole property of The Right Image Photography and are not for sale as a list, either collectively or individually, to any other interest. I do not poll visitors for their address or information thru the application of any cookies, or other means such as JavaScript. Some of my additional services are handled by third party vendors for such services as Post Cards, FFA Links Page, Announcements, etc. As third party interest I have been assured at The Right Image Photography/mickeycox.com that any and all information filtered through third party facilitations remains the sole property of mickeycox.com.

I represent that mickeycox.com will strive to continually monitor our Forum and Guestbook and our FFA Links page for any entries, that, I at my sole discretion may deem to be inappropriate for The Right Image Photography and/or mickeycox.com. I represent that my content will always be of a nature that will be suitable for all age groups for viewing, and that any additional third party interest that I may affiliate or contract thru, will be screened for their conformity with my guidelines. I however, disclaim any responsibility for third party content beyond the scope of my particular site that might fall outside of my guidelines as a "Friendly" web site.

In the event any visitors feels that The Right Image Photography/mickeycox.com may not be in compliance with our own policy, I would appreciate your input.

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The views expressed on this site are those of the author and design artist, and do represent the views of MICKEYCOX.COM as a whole,
EXCEPTING those comments as posted on Weblogs, those comments and opinions,
are those of the posting logger, and should not be construed to always necessarily reflect the opinions of www.mickeycox.com.
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