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In the spring of 1962 the Landmark Tower was the tallest structure in Clark County, and held that title for several years.

GONE, for a myriad of reasons the Landmark was to fail from its' beginnings. When the structure was near completion, the contractor went bankrupt. The property was not setting on solid ground, literally the Landmark was subsiding. For several years the building set empty and dark, with just the shell completed up to its' shiney circular top. For young boys it became bragging rights to say they had been to the top and set astride the "dome", looking out on the sights of the Valley. Some even had been known to take rolls of toilet paper to throw from the top during special events, such as the Jaycee Fair. The Jaycee Fair was hosted in the parking lot of the Convention Center across the street from the Landmark. The Fair was at that time a City-wide envolved event, much like Helldorado used to be.

Eventually Mr. Hughes came to town with his deep pockets, and purchased the property. The Landmark Hotel and Casino finally opened its doors. For several years the casino managed to hold its own. But time for both, ran out. The property fell to disrepair and could not compete financially, eventually closing. I like to remember the Landmark as she stood, rather than how she fell.

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