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This photograph is a copy of an original wood-cut engraving entitled "Lincoln and Family" done prior to the year of 1869. THIS ENGRAVING IS FOR SALE: $18,000.00 US DOLLARS.

From research done prior to this posting, this engraving has never been published, and no other copies of this engraving are known to have survived. Purchased at an antique dealer on the outskirts of Tyler, Texas. When found it was ovally matted and framed. Upon inspection and removal of the matting an inscription and title, following the contours of the oval was found. The title: 'Lincoln and Family'; the inscription reads as follows: "Engd by A Robin N.Y. Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1869 by G.W. Massee in the Clerks Office of the District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania" (quotes added by th author). On the inverse side of the matting has been penciled "No. 2", and also in the lower right corner of the outside field of the engraving another penciled "No. 2". During the research I found it interesting to note that there are no known photographs of Lincoln and his entire family together, but several paintings and drawings purportedly done from photographs that at one time existed. The original engraving is in excellent condition, the outside field is frayed on the edges, and yellowed. The original matting has survived but during inspection broke into two pieces.

Notice the chair in this engraving. If you do some research on other published known photographs of Lincoln, you will see that this chair is as the same used in the portraits by Brady. While the style and the posing is indicative of a Brady setting, no conclusive evidence has been found to confirm this thinking.

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