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Almost a magical place, Gunlock Falls is a rare occurance. Happening only when snow is sufficient in northern Utah, to the extent the spring melt is extrordinarily heavy downstream. When those circumstances come together, Gunlock Falls puts on the show. Quite a show it is, with sometimes as many as fifteen different and distinct falls coming over the precipice of southern Utah's red rock formations. Converging again further down the valley into one year-round grass banked stream, overshadowed by giant old and gnarled cottonwoods.

When the Falls happens, and it is a happening, you need to be there early to enjoy the quite beauty of the place. By early mid-morning the streams and falls are usually populated with locals splashing, sliding and swimming in the natural holes formed within the rocks. Some of the swimming holes are deep enough to dive into safely, and can hold three to four people. There are several 'slide' areas for smaller children also. Average temperature of the water during the Falls' show is around 50-55F degrees and any adventures into the holes or down the slides are always accompanied by loud screaming and hollering. In spite of the frigid water temperatures that I can attest too first hand, there never seems to be a want of people to be the next in line to jump in.

The photographs on this site required extended trips over a three week period, involving campouts and very early morning shoots to get pictures before the literal spring-break crowd arrived. At the end of the three week period, the falls were dry, until again nature provides for their fantastic return.

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