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Remember the great western movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"? If you do, you will probably remember their mutual love, Etta, the school teacher. This was the building used in the film to portray her home. It was from inside this house looking out through the log fence that you were able to watch Paul Newman riding his bicycle down the lane, as Etta and the Kid awoke from their slumbers.

Not far down the 'lane' from this house stands the 'schoolhouse' where Etta taught her classes. That building still stands also, and will be posted on this site at a future date. For several years after the filming of the movie, the site was for the most part left undisturbed. As recently as 1998 the property changed hands and there seems to be an effort by individuals to restore the site, known as Grafton, Utah. What the plans are at this time are unknown. From what has been observed, the feel and ambiance of Etta's place will be forever lost to the wandering visitor, to chance upon again as it once was.

Grafton, Utah sets across the river from Rockville, Utah, just a few miles before the entrance to Zion National Park.

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