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During the Olympics of 1996 and the running of the torch, Las Vegas was included in the route of the running. The runner was to enter Nevada from Arizona, across Hoover Dam.

In preparation for the celebration of the entering of the Torch and runner into the state of Nevada, it was decided that a large flag would be draped from the top of the Dam. The flag was to hang down the western face or downriver side of the dam, unfurled in all her majesty. The plan was to drape the flag just prior to the arrival of the runner crossing the dam. As the flag was attached to the necessary rigging for lifting and holding the flag in place, everything seemed to be going as expected. When the flag was at it's predermined height it was discovered that the grommets and rigging were not sufficient to hold the weight of the material without causing ripping of the flag. It was again immediately rolled back down to the floor of the dam, never to be raised again that day, or since.

Orignal plans called for the flag to be raised and in place approximately 1:00p.m. that day. I arrived in preparation for the photography about 10:15a.m. so as not to be late. I was able to shoot this picture before it was forever refurled back into its container. I understand that for the three or four seconds that the flag was undrapped completely down the dam was a magnificent sight to behold. Close inspection of the upper right corner area of the flag will reveal one of the rips of the material.

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