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Along the interstate 40 close to Pampas, Texas is a large road-side attraction, established by a few individuals from the area, dedicated to the memory of Jesus Christ.

The exhibit is center pieced by what is supposedly the largest cross in the Northern Hemisphere, and stands about 15 stories high, and is constructed of white enameled aluminum. The cross can be seen for miles.

Around the base of this cross are statutes placed in a circle, each made of brass, each one depicting a moment in the life of Christ, and as he labored under the weight of the cross on His way to Calvary.

The statues are probably 4/5ths life size and are of the finest and exquisite detail in sculpture. Each sculpture has at it's base a plaque describing the scene along the road to Calvary. There are approximately 10 statues at the base of the cross.

Up, on a raised portion of the landscape, away from the large cross, and at the top of several elevations of stairs, are three life-sized bronze statues, crucified on three crosses, representing Christ and the two thieves crucified, with Him.

Against the backdrop of a large sky, the dark silhouettes strike silently to the core of the onlooker.

The entire exhibit is awesome, somber, and free to everyone, and stands as a beacon and a testimony, to travelers crossing East-West on Interstate Highway 40.

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