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In the spring of 1959, this building could be found at the head of the street in what was then known as Western Village, nestled between the almost conjoined structures of the Last Frontier and the Fabulous Silver Slipper Casinos. Western Village was common to both properties, and was replete with an old wooden sidewalk on each side of the dirt street.

Western Village had the usual prescription of tourist shops along the street, including an authentic western style barber shop, quartet included. Hired guns prowled the street, along side a plethora of costumned young ladies, and other panderers. At the the head, or western end of the street, next to a large cottonwood stood The Little Church of The West with its doors facing the rising sun.

During late 1960 the Last Frontier and Western Village was to become a distant memory, making way for the "New" Frontier Hotel, and in the process The Little Church became the only survivor of Western Village. Taking up new grounds at the Hacienda Hotel, resident there until the implosion of the Hacienda for the Mandaly Resort. Again a sole survivior, and continues as one of the busiest wedding chapels in Las Vegas. Many people, great and small, have said their first and subsequent vows, in this building.

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