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Special Notes

Lakota War Shirt:

Created by Bradley Mitchell, Las Vegas, owner of BroadMeadow.net, Designer and Creator of Unique Handmade Indian Crafts.

Bradley features hand carved Journey Staffs, Authentic Dresses, Leather Clothing, Turtle Shell & Medicine Bags, and Peace Pipe Bags,
all done with the same meticulous attention to detail and authenticity as exampled here on this magnificent speciman of the mighty Lakota War Shirt.

This particular Lakota War Shirt required 800 hours just for the hand-done exacting beadwork, sewn only four glass beads at a time.
The shirt also features 36 ermine, hand tufted horsehair mounted and tied with leather and beadwork, on an Austrailian Red Deer hide,
with bear and eagle claws adornments.

This shirt is based on museum drawings of the Lakota War Shirt, and is sized a XXL.

Contact Brad at his site below for more information.

You may see other works, including carvings at Mr. Bradley Mitchell's web site, WWW.BROADMEADOW.NET.

For additional information you mail email him at: info@broadmeadow.net, or by calling 702.682.2028 or 702.431.7918.

I will be featuring more information and examples of his excellent, unparaleled craftmanship on this site.

His work is truly one of a kind creations, of the highest caliber and are absolute works of art.

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