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D & S Import Express - Las Vegas, Nevada

Dennis & Susan White

Dennis, a full blooded Creek, Native American, is matchless in his creations of authentic Native American artifacts, using methods, materials, and
subjects from resources that were likewise used from original manafacturers of items selling to the Native Americans of the Southwest and Plains,
and areas of this continent prior to arrival of Anglo-Americans to the land. He uses natural resources from
all over the Central and Western United States and Canada.His creations use Canadian Wolf, Coyote, American Buffalo, Deer, Elk, Fox, and Moose hides,
and other animals considered sacred and/or spiritual totems to the Native Americans of the First Nation.

Dennis and Susan sell primarily wholesale to stores and venues all over the Southwestern United States, and Dennis' creations can be found in some
of the most upscale shops in the United States.

Susan does most of the selling and marketing, and traveling, gathering supplies from points all over the Southwestern United States from many
Native sources.

Twice yearly Dennis' superb work can be seen at two local venues. Twice a year, Susan makes the journey to two different Pow Wows close to
the Las Vegas area.

On Memorial Day, Susan can be found at the Las Vegas Band of Southern Paiutes'
Memorial Day Pow Wow, located at Snow Mountain, just about 20 miles West of the city of Las Vegas. That Pow Wow last three days, and Susan is
there each day bright and early.

The week-end after Veteran's Day, she can be found attending the Pahrump Social Pow Wow, the next one being the 9th Annual, and the Pow Wow is
held on the Westside of Pahrump, approximately 60 miles from Las Vegas.

If you are planning on seeing the work of Dennis, you need to be very early at either Pow Wow you intend to attend. Some of his best pieces
have been known to sell out within the first hour or so of the Pow Wow, and because of the nature of his creations, there is usually only one or two
similar to each other of any particular genre of artifacts.

I try to purchase at least one artifact each year from each Pow Wow, but my heart's desire would be to purchase several if my budget would allow.
It is worth noting here, that these artifacts are at the top of their class, and are a must see for authentic representations of The People's Artifacts,
among the many other sometimes splendid works of art selling from the various Pow Wow vendors.

These Pow Wows are the only venues that the retail public has an opportunity to purchase his creations at wholesale prices. Dennis and Susan,
except for these two instances, only sell wholesale to storefront operators.

Words I have, cannot adequately describe the meticulous detail in his creations, and the love for what he creates is evident in each piece.

Each creation has an attached identifying tag describing the piece, and bears his CIB (Certificate of Indain Blood) and census number,
declaring the authenticity of his work.

On the MAIN MENU Page, you will find links to several pages that contain some photographs of his recent pieces. While the photographs can
convey a sense of their look and feel, they too, are inadequate to convey the exquisite workmanship and craftmanship of the actual artifact.

You really have to touch it to understand totally what you truely are beholding.

A Masterpiece, by a Master.***

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