I collect old photography and related items, and included in my collections
are some very early vintage photography books from approximately 1850's up to the turn of the century of 1900.
Some of the books (because of their early date) include photographs of classic art that was hanging in various museums
around the world at the time of the compilation of the book. Included also are some photographs of very old engravings,
and a sprinkling of classical sculpture, i.e., "Venus" by Milo. These photos are some examples of the earliest known
photographs of these artworks, and predate the current restrictions of photography within the confines of museums.
These photographs may perhaps be the only surviving examples of the artwork due to the liabilities of several major

Since much of this work was published into the public domain so many years ago,
copyrights of the original photographs have expired. I have tried to recreate exacting digital copies of these examples
to post for general viewing. All images ©Mickey Cox 2001. If you would like to use a copy of any of these postings
in a format other than "gif", please refer to the last paragraph below.

Upon completion of this project posting, I will have a list of all digital
examples on this page with direct links to each image. Some of the images will be listed by artist, some will be
listed by title of work, when the artist is disputed. When completed, each image page will link to an individual
page for comments and/or history of the photo, and both pages will be cross-linked back to this listing page.
For expediency, this listing page is the only primary link to postings of these antiquities. In the future,
each work will have a listing also on the main menu page of this site. The collection is large, and will require a
great deal of time to post the entire collection. For the immediate present, I will be posting several each week
when possible, and the research references will be ongoing.

I will be posting the associated commentaries/captions with each posted
digital copy, as they were written at the time of the publication in 1892. These "captions" will be quoted completely,
some are lengthy and capture the mood and flavor succinctly of the late 1800's.

Please do not include these "gif" images on any CD-Roms
or any other distributed media without written consent from Mickey Cox. Images are not to be resold or remarketed,
and are copyright protected by "Digimarc" watermarks. These images are free to use in any private manner.
Any printed reproduction must be listed with a visible copyright of "©mickey cox 2002". If you plan to use
these images commercially, or online, please contact Mickey Cox/The Right Image Photography at the contact point
listed below.


or,  Fax: 702-837-7322

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